About Nerdonomics


Nerdonomics elucidate on how very specialized knowledge can create great business by leveraging the interactive integrated value chain to target a global market consisting of people who share the same niche interest. As thought leaders in their field they throughout the nonlinear process of development, financing and production, build interest for their idea and create a market for their product.

I was asked to give a speech on TEDx Sodertalje about the study on the Contemporary Swedish Entrepreneur. Sketching out the speech on the enormous whiteboard that I always use, I started to connect it with the about 200 interviews that I have made with entrepreneurs in the past 2 years, merging with articles I have studied in everything from local newspapers to Wired and The Economist. The concept of Nerdonomics was well received at Sodertalje and in June I further elaborated on the concept at the Swedish Affair in Hollywood. As I had the opportunity to hang out with both Swedish and US entrepreneurs and financiers in the creative sector, the discussion continued. I want to develop the concept and the best way to make it more robust and more colorful is to continue on an old school blog.

What is the purpose for a CEO of a Business Federation with a 100 year tradition to do this? Well it is my job to understand the future dynamics of business so that I can provide policy makers with an accurate agenda. If not we will persevere old ways of doing business which will hurt competitiveness in any country. And my take of Moores law is that the number of new businesses being global will double every 5 year. And with that perspective it is vital to understand not only Swedish nerdy business but global.