About me

Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist

I have always been in the crossroad of policy and business. Even if my political spark has always come from all sorts of equal rights issue I have come to have a mission to make business and policy understand each other better. When I started at McKinsey in 1997 I was the president of a political student organization. At McKinsey I worked with mergers in Big Pharma, optimizing pulp plants and fantastic entrepreneurs in the dot.com era. I also had the opportunity to work on a project together with Gates Foundation, the World Bank and the Vaccines Industry aiming at financing and introducing Pneumo vaccines in developing countries.

After having two kids I changed tracks to policy and worked as political advisor to the very charismatic deputy prime minister and minister of Enterprise Maud Olofsson. This was also when I missed the voice of new business. Two years ago I became CEO of the Swedish Federation of Business Owners representing almost 75 000 business owners. Our aim is to monitor and change policy to ensure that small businesses can prosper and grow at the pace they want to, to collectively buy services that our members need such as free access to legal counseling, the best priced insurances and to locally provide networks.

In my spare time I of course spend time with family and friends. If we met in the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon I would probably be telling you about a fun time in the climbing gym, about the perfect ice on some of the lakes around Stockholm or that I am on my way to the opera. When we travel, skiing is a prime destination and I am looking forward to introduce the kids to the fantastic world of diving…however that is not in Sweden.